New CD out now!

Lowrider is made from live concerts in Oslo, Kristiansand,
Bergen and Trondheim in 2010/2011.

There are two editions of lowrider: One handmade book in a limited edition of 27 copies and the ordinary version of 300 copies.

Liner notes:

Cloudbuilder is
Arne Borgan and
Ulf A. S. Holbrook.

All selections recorded live at various venues.
All tracks recorded to Fostex FR2-LE, 48khz/24bit,
except playdate recorded to Zoom H2. No overdubs.

01.built by hand 02.a graveyard for hundreds of lorries
03. formiddag 04.Graae 05.what a sound they would have made
06.playdate 07.clouds of tiny mosquitoes 08.Celia Green
09.they were OK 10.slope

Design and photo by Arne Borgan.
Produced by Cloudbuilder.
Recorded and mastered by Ulf A. S. Holbrook.
Special thanks to all the venues and organizers!

Cloudbuilder 2011

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